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Senin, 09 Juli 2012


5000 ha of new industrial land... in Karawang 

Industrial land in the region Karawang and Cikarang is limited and can not be extended again this time. The government of Indonesia has set up 5,000 hectares (ha) of new industrial land. Where? Industry Minister MS. Hidayat said that one of the new industrial port to be built in the area cilamaya, North Karawang "industrial area in Karawang and Cikarang is low or limited. Therefore, we will build a new industrial and modern Port. We already provide 5,000 hectares of industrial area and port new, "Hidayat said during the inauguration of a new factory in the industrial area Karawang, West Java, said Hidayat, in cilamaya, the government will implement the build operate transfer (BOT). So the new port will be managed by private parties for 20-25 years, then will be submitted to the government. "Not yet known how the value of its investment, because it was made by the Ministry of Transportation and the study completed in December this year," said Hidayat. As is known, the construction of port infrastructure projects cilamaya into the Metropolitan Priority Area (MPA) for the long term. MPA is a joint project between Japan and Indonesia will swallow huge investment. Total investment for the project is not yet certain. However, it is expected to reach 2-3 trillion yen, equivalent to USD 235-350 billion (1 yen = Rp 117.4).

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